Rotary Scissor Lifts

We sell the world’s most trusted lift: Rotary Lift

Rotary Lift’s 12,000 lbs. capacity Y-Lift uses a patented design to provide faster up/down speeds, more work area and access under the lift than traditional scissor lifts. With a 33% faster rise and 20% more work space. You will have all the room you need to make repairs with a faster and more productive lift!

Rotary Y-lifts have the weight capacities of 12,000 lbs. capacity. Choose from the standard Y-lift or the YA12 for alignment jobs.


Rotary Y-Lift 12K Y12 Lift

Rotary Y-Lift 12K Y12 Lift

The Y-Lift features 360º productivity with twice the access points for easy movement.

They are faster by at least 33% than comparable scissor lifts.

Their patented up and down movement provides true up/down lifting. No forward or rearward movement, giving you 20% more work space below the lift and over 5 times more clear floor space under the runways.

Front wheel stops can easily be replaced with drive through ramps.


Rotary Y-Lift 12K YA12 Lift

Rotary Y-Lift 12K YA12 Lift

The YA-12 is an alignment lift. Combine all of the benefits of the Y-Lift with over sized slip plates and adjustable radius gauge pockets, and you have a lift perfect for alignment uses. This lift accommodates wheelbases from 71-1/2″ to 158″ for 4-wheel alignment.


Make sure you have the right tools for the job! Use a lighting kit or swing jacks to get the most from your lift! Check out the accessory page.


Rotary Y-Lift 12K YA12 Lift Brochure

Rotary Y-Lift 12K Y12 Lift Brochure