Rotary In-Ground Lifts

We sell the world’s most trusted lift: Rotary Lift

Rotary Smartlifts provide an open and aesthetically pleasing service area instilling confidence in your operation and translating in to higher customer satisfaction. Smartlifts have a smaller footprint, allowing for more lifts in less space. Less space can mean lower construction costs and reduced utility bills. Environmentally responsible Smartlifts are made from recycled materials, are contained in a polymer housing which protects the lift and the environment, are bio-fluid compatible and use 95% less oil than traditional style In-Ground lifts.

Rotary in-ground lifts have available weight capacities ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. capacity. Whatever your need, we have a solution. These have the option to be Shockwave equipped.  Choose your superstructure options, including: frame engaging adapters, drive-over lift pads, or drive on rails.

Self-Contained In-Ground Lifts:

Rotary In Ground Smartlift SL210 Lift

Rotary In Ground Smartlift SL210 Lift

Rotary SmartLifts begin to pay you back almost immediately with a quick R.O.I. and lower total cost of ownership over the life of the lift. SmartLifts do not rely on expensive and inefficient air compressors for operation. Their small, economical motor runs only when you raise the lift, and the air locks use only a minimal amount of air from your normal shop’s air system costing you pennies a day.


Shockwave Equipped Lifts:

Shockwave Equipped

Shockwave Equipped

Shockwave-equipped lifts are the world’s fasted lifts! 2X faster rise and descent than standard 4-post lifts.


  • Spotline laser spotting guide – center vehicles in the service base quickly and accurately.
  • Battery-operated, with built-in chargers that run on 110V current – eliminating the need for expensive 220v wiring.
  • Operates during loss of facility power.
  • Faster lifting times – up to a minute or more saved per vehicle.

faster equipment = increased productivity = more jobs completed = increased profit

Superstructure Options

Frame Engaging Adapters

Flip-Up adapters for quick positioning, round adapters for uni-body vehicles, truck adapters for full-frame vehicles, and stackable adapters for heavier vehicles.

Drive-Over Lift Pads

Drive-Over Lift Pads SmartLift

Drive-Over Lift Pads SmartLift

Perfect for quick service applications!

Drive-On Rails

Drive-On Smartlift

Drive-On Smartlift

The benefits of a drive-on lift with the space savings and column free design of the SmartLift. Also available are rolling jacks.


Check out our accessory page.


Rotary In-Ground SmartLift Brochure


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