Rotary 2-Post Lifts

We sell the world’s most trusted lift: Rotary Lift

The 2 post lift is the backbone of the vehicle service industry…And Rotary Lift sets the standard for quality, durability, and reliability. For decades Rotary’s car lifts have continued to dominated the market…with more than a million 2 post car lifts helping technicians in shops all around the world. Our designs are backed up with more than 85 years of engineering experience…tested beyond industry standards…and are from our 200,000 square foot factory in Madison Indiana.

Rotary two-post lifts have available weight capacities ranging from 7,000 to 18,000 lbs. The 10,000 lbs. capacity lift is available with asymmetrical or symmetrical arms.

2-Post 10K Asymmetrical Lift SPOA10

Rotary 2-Post 10K Asymmetrical Lift SPOA10

Rotary 2-Post 12K Lift SPO12

Rotary 2-Post 12K Lift SPO12

What is an asymmetrical lift?

Symmetric/Asymmetric Lifts Visual

Symmetric/Asymmetric Lifts


  • An asymmetrical lift allows you to open the doors on the lifted vehicle by rotating the columns and changing the center of gravity.
  • Available with 7,000 or 10,000 lbs. capacity 2-post lifts.

Asymmetric or Symmetric – Which lift is right for your needs?

  • Asymmetrical:

ideal for cars, light trucks, and other passenger vehicles where you might need access to the interior while lifted.

  • Symmetrical:

ideal for trucks, vans, and commercials vehicles where you need more drive through clearance or need more lifting capabilities than 10,000 lbs.

Shockwave Equipped Lifts:

Shockwave Equipped

Shockwave Equipped

Shockwave-equipped lifts are the world’s fasted lifts! Only 25 seconds to go up, and 19 down.


  • Spotline laser spotting guide
  • Battery-operated, with built-in chargers that run on 110V current
  • Faster lifting times – up to a minute or more saved per vehicle.

faster equipment = increased productiveity = more jobs completed = increased profit

Compatible with SmartLift in-ground lifts and SPOA10 (10,000 lbs capacity asymmetrical 2-post lift)


Check out our accessory page.


Rotary 2 Post Overview Brochure


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