How to decide what lift you need:

  1. Who – When choosing a manufacturer, look for one with a good track record, take into account the warranty offered, make sure there are authorized service companies in the area, and always look for the Gold Label (ALI Certification)!
  2. What – What type of repair work will you be doing? This will determine what style of lift will best fit your needs.
  3. When – Keep in mind that often the lift is built when it is ordered, so order your lift in plenty of time to meet your deadline! Call us for accurate production time on the lift you want.
  4. Where –  Measure your bay. Do you have adequate clearance for the style of lift you want? Don’t forget to check the ceiling clearance.
  5. Why – What type of vehicle will you be lifting? What capacity lift do you need?

It’s wise to be informed! Check out this informative guide to help you decide which manufacture to buy from: Lift Buying Guide

Need additional help to decide on the best match for your shop? Give us a call at (316) 425-3221 and we’ll help guide you through!

For whatever your lifting needs, we have a solution!

2-Post Lifts (7,000 lbs – 18,000 lbs)

4-Post Lifts (14,000 lbs – 18,000 lbs)

Alignment Lifts

Heavy Duty Lifts (15,000 lbs and beyond)

In-Ground Lifts (10,000 lbs and beyond)

Scissor Lifts


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