Yellow Jacket A/C Machines

Our recommendation:

Yellow Jacket 37880 AC Machine

Yellow Jacket 37880 AC Machine

In our 17 years of experience we have come to appreciate Yellow Jacket systems for their ease of use, reliability, and lower maintenance costs.

The 37880 model features:

  • For use with R-134a refrigerant.
  • One button for a fully automatic recover/recycle/ evacuate/recharge cycle.
  • Built-In oil injection.
  • Improved vacuum/charge program for faster vacuum.
  • 3cfm vacuum pump is standard as compared with competitors at 1.3cfm.
  • 10′ premium hoses for easy connection to even hard-to-reach fittings.
  • Unlike any competitors model, Yellow Jacket uses two US made compressors instead of one imported model.
  • Preventative maintenance reminders to change the vacuum pump oil and filters.
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Which model is best for your use?

For Passenger Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, SUVs):

37880 – Automatic RMS with 10′ hose and 3 CFM vacuum pump *best seller*
37830 – Automatic RMS with 10′ hose, 3 CFM vacuum pump and integrated printer
37881 – Automatic RMS with 10′ hose, 3 CFM vacuum pump, integrated printer and identifier
37889 – Automatic RMS with 10′ hose, 3 CFM vacuum pump and integrated micron gauge

For Vans, Buses, Heavy Equipment and Aircraft:

37882 – Heavy duty 15′ hoses and 5 CFM vacuum pump
37885 – Basic 10′ hoses and 3 CFM vacuum pump, 230V
37886 – Heavy duty 15′ hoses and 5 CFM vacuum pump, 230V

For Hybrid and Standard Passenger Vehicles:

37887 – Automatic RMS with system flush
37837 – Automatic RMS with system integrated printer
37888 – Automatic RMS with system flush, integrated printer and identifier


Yellow Jacket A/C 37880 Series Brochure


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